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Monday, September 18, 2017

WALT: Retell a Maori water myth in our own words.

Water: Kupe and the giant Wheke
Kupe was a rangatira, a great fisherman who lived in Hawiiki. Surrounded Kupe’s settlement were the traditional fishing grounds where Kupe and his tribe caught their fish.

When the moon and the tides were right, the fishermen headed out to seas and always return with waka laden of fish of all different colors and sizes- gifts from. Tangaroa and Hinemoana which the whole tribe celebrated. The people gathered at the shoreline to greet them when they return, to divide the catch so each whanau had an even share.

One morning when the fishermen lowered their lines at one of their favorite fishing grounds, they didn’t get the expected tug on their lines. Instead, when they pulled their lines from the water, the bait had vanished. This continued through the morning and into the day, and not one fisherman caught a single fish. This never happened before. Many of the tribe were upset when they returned. This secretly accused the fishermen of disrespecting Tangora and therefore causing their misfortune.

Then one time he saw a giant wheke. “So that’s causing that fish to swim away,” said Kupe. Then he had the wheke as a pet. Then a few weeks later Kupe ate the wheke and they all live happily ever after

The end.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Why do people drink water?

WALT: Plan and write an explanation.

Why do people drink water?
To help you keep hydrated and fresh.

Why we drink water because they keep you clean and strong. Why we drink water is because it keeps your lungs wet. Also keep your brain working.

To keep you healthy and strong. If you need water then get your water bottle ready. Sweat is a bit like water dripping down your face but it tastes like buttery water.

We need water to survive in hot places. If you are outside in the hot, always drink water. Water always refresh you.

That’s why we drink water.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


WALT: Find and convert units of measurement.

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New zealands weather

WALT: Find and retell the main idea in a text.

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WALT: Find and answer fractions.

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My limrick

WALT: Make a limerick.

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WALT: Find a fraction of a word problem

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What Makes The Weather

We have been learning about what makes the weather which is in our reading.

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My Profile

We learned how to write a cybersmart profile, sharing information that can be public, and keeping personal imformation private

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